Posts in 2021

  • v5.3.0

    2021-04-12 in Releases

    Key-value refinement Small release, this. After using the key-value (KV) store over a few months it became obvious that iterating over keys in namespaces was useful and important. But not possible given the APIs exposed by Butler. So we added a new …

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  • v5.1.0

    2021-03-03 in Releases

    Sharing is caring The main change in in this release is the addition of telemetry. Yup - starting with 5.1 Butler will call home. At least if you let it. So… the question is then… how does it work and should you allow it? How Software …

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  • v5.0.0

    2021-02-24 in Releases

    Be the first to know Let’s say you are responsible for a Qlik Sense Enterprise environment, or that you are a developer of Sense apps. Let’s also (unlikely as it is, but still..😃) say that app reloads fail from time to time. For whatever …

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  • v4.3.0

    2021-02-03 in Releases

    Great features are useless if no one uses them The previous couple of Butler releases included new features (in the form of REST API endpoints) for among other things copying/moving/deleting files in a controlled way. The problem was that there were …

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  • Examples & setup improvements

    2021-02-03 in News

    Nothing really major, but it should make the process of getting started with Butler a bit easier: Added instructions for creating the Sense data connections needed to use Butler. Added examples showing how file copy/move/delete operations can be …

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Posts in 2020

  • v4.2.0

    2020-11-07 in Releases

    Advanced email notifications for failed and aborted reloads Email notifications are still very much alive and used in many companies. Historically it’s been difficult or impossible to get good email notifications from Qlik Sense Enterprise on …

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  • v4.1.2

    2020-10-28 in Releases

    Sense demo app can now start reloads The included Sense demo app now correctly uses the Butler API endpoint used to start reload tasks. Please see the changelog for more information.

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  • v4.1.1

    2020-10-28 in Releases

    Fixing broken start Sense task API endpoint Oops. The API endpoint for starting Sense tasks was incorrectly documented, as noted in #89. Fixed in version 4.1.1. Please see the changelog for more information.

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  • v4.1.0

    2020-10-27 in Releases

    File copying via Butler’s REST API This is a small release that just adds a single endpoint to Butler’s REST API: Copying files. This is done in the same way as the moving files feature that was added in v4.0: In the config file you …

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  • v4.0.0

    2020-10-21 in Releases

    Task scheduling for Qlik Sense, key-value store, reload failure alerts to MS Teams and more Butler was due for a major overhaul and it has finally arrived. This release adds a bunch of new features: A reload task scheduler. Think Cron for Qlik Sense …

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  • Doc site update

    2020-10-21 in News

    Version 4 of Butler is a major release, and the doc site isn’t quite as complete as it should. Over coming weeks we’ll add more tutorials, reference documents etc. The current update adds the following: A system overview diagram. More …

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  • v3.1.0

    2020-07-15 in Releases

    Our trusted Butler has turned 4 - quite an age in the world of fast-moving DevOps tools! Over time it’s become clear that some features are more useful than others, which is not really surprising of course. Some of Butler’s features are …

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Posts in 2019

  • v3.0.1

    2019-11-29 in Releases

    A small bug found its way into v3.0.0. Nothing affecting the core functions of Butler, but as it does support Docker health checks, those should work.. Which is now the case. No features added, just that bug fix and some minor upgrades to the …

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  • New doc site

    2019-11-29 in News

    Featured Image for New documentation site for Butler
    Photo: Florian Klauer on Unsplash

    New docs, blog and news coming to Butler. Photo: Florian Klauer on Unsplash The old doc site was ok, but a few years old and pretty outdated when it came to examples in particular. It was also kind of difficult to maintain, resulting in - no …

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  • v3.0.0

    2019-11-01 in Releases

    As Butler offers a set of rather different API endpoints, there might be cases where you only need some of those features. In the spirit of security you might then want to enable only the endpoints you actually need. Butler 3.0 adds exactly this …

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