v3.1.0: An armful of heart beats

Butler 3.1.0 has been relased on GitHub.

Our trusted Butler has turned 4 - quite an age in the world of fast-moving DevOps tools!

Over time it’s become clear that some features are more useful than others, which is not really surprising of course.
Some of Butler’s features are on the other hand very useful - for example starting reloads or dumping app metadata to JSON via REST calls.

The trusted old Butler is thus very much alive and as of version 5.5.0 it’s available as Arm and Arm64 Docker images, in addition to the already supported amd64 (equals regular x86 computers, more or less) architecture.

And - the Butler can now be configured to send heart beats to a monitoring tool, to monitor and make sure that Butler itself is alive and well.

What does that mean in regular English?
You can now run Butler on more cost effective AWS EC2 Arm instances, or even a Raspberry Pi - or a Kubernetes cluster of Pis - just because it’s possible and gives you some tech respect.

And that you can monitor the Butler itself.