v4.2.0: Failed reloads? Notify me!

Butler 4.2.0 has been relased on GitHub.

Advanced email notifications for failed and aborted reloads

Email notifications are still very much alive and used in many companies.

Historically it’s been difficult or impossible to get good email notifications from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows - that feature simply isn’t part of the standard product.
Some commercial offerings have emerged lately (=Qlik’s own Qlik Alerting product), but no good open source has been available - until now.

Butler version 4.2 uses the proven concept of log appenders to capture log events from Qlik Sense.
But Butler goes way beyond staic alert emails with limited possibilities for customisation:

  • Alert emails be sent when scheduled reloads fail or when running reloads are stopped from the QMC or via Sense APIs.
  • Email bodies and subjects can be freely customised using the Handlebars templating engine.
  • More than 40 templating fields are available across both email subjects and bodies (but please don’t put full script logs in the email subject…🤪).
  • Customisable rate limits prevent email spamming as a result of frequently scheduled, failing reloads.

A bonus feature is that alerts for stopped reloads can be sent not only as emails, but also over Slack, Teams and MQTT.

All in all this makes Butler a very powerful tool for anyone invovled in running a QSEoW environment, no matter if it has a few dozen or thousands of users.

Please see the changelog for more information.