v5.0.0: Reload alerting deluxe

Butler 5.0.0 has been relased on GitHub. Open source as always!

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Let’s say you are responsible for a Qlik Sense Enterprise environment, or that you are a developer of Sense apps.

Let’s also (unlikely as it is, but still..😃) say that app reloads fail from time to time. For whatever reason.

In the past the following has often happened:

End users are the first to detect that something is wrong. Data is missing or incorrect.
Not ideal - you as admin/developer should be the first to know that something has gone wrong.

Butler has always included basic notification mechanisms for failed reload tasks, but with version 5.0 things are taken to a new level.

In fact, this latest Butler version probably offers some of the most powerful and flexible reload alerting features ever - anywhere. And it’s free.

  • Reload task failure alerts can be sent as email, to Slack or Teams, as outgoing webhooks or as MQTT messages.
  • Email, Slack and Teams alerts can make use of any layout and formatting options available on those platforms.
  • If basic alerts are preferred, all that’s needed is changing a single line in Butler’s config file.
  • Lots of other new and refined features too, including support for doing partial and full app reloads without going through a reload task. Can be used both via REST API and from the load script.

All in all - this is a major Butler release that holds the potential to make life easier for lots of QSEoW admins and developers.

The changelog has all the details.

Butler releases are available on GitHub.