v5.1.0: Sharing is caring

Butler 5.1.0 has been relased on GitHub.

Sharing is caring

The main change in in this release is the addition of telemetry.

Yup - starting with 5.1 Butler will call home. At least if you let it.

So… the question is then… how does it work and should you allow it?


Software that reports back to some home base can be a bad thing, but it can also be a very good thing.
In the case of Butler only anonymized information is included in telemetry messages.

Ptarmigan Labs just won’t know which telemetry data came from what Qlik Sense servers.

Is this really true?
Yup. Not even the IP addresses of the server sending the telemetry data is kept.

The process is basically this:

  1. A telemetry message arrives from somewhere. The message itself contains no information that can identify the sender, nor does it contain any sensitive data.
  2. The message’s content is stored in a database. Nothing else.
  3. You can request your data to be deleted in the future, if need be. But only if you tell Ptarmigan Labs which data is yours - as they have no way of knowing this themselves.

A full description of what data is included in telemetry messages is found here.


Good question.

It’s pretty simple really: If the Butler developers know which features are used most and on what OSs and types of hardware/VMs etc Butler runs, they can do a much better job when it comes to refining those popular features and supporting the most commonly used platforms.
That’s it - telemetry is 100% about making future Butler versions better.

On the other hand: If you turn off telemetry the Butler developers will be in the dark as to what features are actually used and on what kinds of operating systems and computers.

Telemetry is a way to make future Butler versions as good and relevant as possible - and it’s up to YOU whether it happens or not.

Go get it!

The changelog has all the details.

Butler releases are available on GitHub.