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MQTT as unified message bus

When a reload fails, Butler can send information about the failed reload to an MQTT broker.

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol that is commonly used in IoT applications, but it is a mature and versatile protocol that can be used in many different scenarios.

In short, MQTT works by having a broker that clients can connect to. Clients can publish messages to the broker, and clients can subscribe to messages from the broker.
This makes MQTT a great way to integrate different systems in a publish/subscribe pattern.

By sending information about failed reloads to an MQTT broker, Butler can be integrated with any system that can consume MQTT messages - which is a lot of systems.

The information included in the MQTT message is described here.

Here is an example of how the information about a failed reload can be viewed in MQTT Explorer:

Information about a failed reload, viewed in MQTT Explorer


Configuration of this feature is described here.