Reload alerts via MQTT

Description of how reload alerts can be sent as MQTT messages.

What’s this?

Butler can send two kinds of alert messages as MQTT messages:

  • When a scheduled, running reload task fails.
  • When a scheduled, running reload task is somehow stopped.

How it works

Basic message

The MQTT message will be sent on the MQTT topic defined in the config file property Butler.mqttConfig.taskAbortedTopic or Butler.mqttConfig.taskFailureTopic, depending on the event type.
The task name will be sent in the message body.

The basic message looks like this when viewed in the MQTTLens app:

alt text

Complete message

Optionally a larger, more complete message is also sent if Butler.mqttConfig.taskFailureSendFull or Butler.mqttConfig.taskFailureSendFull are set to true.
This message contains a stringified JSON of all available information about the failed/aborted task.
The message is sent on the Butler.mqttConfig.taskFailureFullTopic or Butler.mqttConfig.taskAbortedFullTopic topics.

That message can look like this:

alt text

The concept is more or less the same as for alert emails.

Settings in main config file

    enable: false                                     # Should Qlik Sense events be forwarded as MQTT messages?
    brokerHost: <FQDN or IP of MQTT server>
    brokerPort: 1883
    taskFailureSendFull: true
    taskAbortedSendFull: true
    taskFailureTopic: qliksense/task_failure
    taskFailureFullTopic: qliksense/task_failure_full
    taskFailureServerStatusTopic: qliksense/butler/task_failure_server
    taskAbortedTopic: qliksense/task_aborted
    taskAbortedFullTopic: qliksense/task_aborted_full
    enable: false                                     # Should the UDP server responsible for receving task failure and session events be started? true/false
    serverHost: <FQDN or IP (or localhost) of server where Butler is running>
    portTaskFailure: 9998

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