New Relic

View reload alerts in New Relic

When investigating reload failures it can often be useful to have access to the entire reload log, as this usually tells immediately what went wrong.
Butler forwards a very comprehensive set of data to New Relic when a reload fails, including the failing part of the app’s script.

This means that companies using New Relic as their enterprise monitoring solution can now also use it to monitor their Qlik Sense reloads, as well as all the Sense real-time metrics provided by Butler’s sibling tool Butler SOS.

As of this wrtiting, New Relic also offers a free tier that will be more than enough for most Butler users.
It is thus possible to get started with monitoring Sense reloads in New Relic without any additional cost.

More information about how Butler integrates with New Relic can be found here.


Configuration of this feature is described here.

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