Butler: Utility toolbox for Qlik Sense

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Start tasks, get notified when they fail, extract app metadata, post to Slack and more.

Want better control over Sense reload tasks?

Butler exposes a REST API endpoint for starting reload tasks. This makes it easy to start reloads from within the load script of Sense apps, or from any external system.

A great use case is to have a source system kick off Sense reloads once 
new data is available in the source system, minimizing delays. 

Tired of end users asking "when is the new data available?"

Use Butler to send Slack messages to end users and stakeholders when apps have reloaded with fresh data.

Sending a Slack message is as simple as calling a single function in the Sense load script.

Email or Slack when reloads fail? Sure!

Use the templates included with Butler to hook into the Sense logging framework.

You can get task failure notifications as emails, MQTT messages, or just plain UDP messages.

Data delays - no thanks.

Send a reload request in a pubsub message, from your source system to Butler. Messages are sent using the standardized MQTT protocol.
Butler will process the message and start the requested reload task in Sense.

This way you can ensure that Sense starts to process new data as soon as it is available in the source system.

Latest release: 3.1

An armful of heart beats.

Available on GitHub.

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