Failed/aborted reloads

Overview of the actions Butler can take when a reload task fails or is aborted.

Below follows a list of destinations to which Butler can send notifications when a reload task fails or is aborted.

A comparison of the different alert destinations can be found here.

Alert emails

Overview of the various kinds of alert emails Butler can send.

Alerts via Slack and Microsoft Teams

Sending alerts to IM services like Slack and Microsoft Teams can be a great way to quickly notify people about urgent issues.

Storing script logs of failed reloads to disk

When investigating reload failures it can often be useful to have access to the entire reload log.
Butler detects failed reloads and can store the entire reload log into easy to find and analyse files on disk.


Storing information about failed reloads in InfluxDB can be useful for monitoring and analysis purposes.
Once the data is in InfluxDB it can be visualized in Grafana or similar tools.

New Relic



Signl4 is a mobile alerting app that offers an easy way to get started with monitoring and alerting in general,
including Qlik Sense reloads via Butler’s integration with Signl4.


Webhooks provide a generic way to send information about failed/aborted reloads to any system that can receive HTTP POST/PUT/GET requests.

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