Sense apps that explain and highlight various Butler features

Butler comes with several demo apps.

Feel free to review them to get a better understanding of how Butler can be used.

Using Butler APIs from Sense load script

This app uses the helper subs call some of Butler’s APIs. It’s not diving too deep into any particular feature, but rather just calls most APIs to show how it’s done.

If unsure what the parameters of the helper subs should look like, this page might be useful.

Partial loads in Qlik Sense

It’s surprisingly difficult to do partial loads in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.
In QlikView that feature was easily available, but in QSEoW it’s currently not possible to create reload tasks that do partial app reloads.

Butler has an API for doing partial reloads of apps. A couple of demo apps are also includedin the GitHub repository.

Post message to Slack

Demo app showing how to post message to Slack from Qlik Sense load script.

Publish message to MQTT

Demo app showing how to publish message to MQTT from Qlik Sense load script.

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