Storing Windows service alerts in InfluxDB

This page contains information on how to configure Butler to store alert information in InfluxDB when Windows services stop or start.

What’s this?

These config settings are specific to the InfluxDB alert destination.
They are used in addition to the general Windows Service monitoring settings in Butler.serviceMonitor.

How it works

There is no specific InfluxDB conmfiguration for Windows Service monitoring, so the general InfluxDB in Butler.influxDb settings are used.
This means that information about Windows service alerts are stored in the same InfluxDB database as other data points sent to InfluxDB from Butler (e.g. uptime metrics).

Settings in config file

  # InfluxDB settings
    enable: false                  # Master switch for InfluxDB integration. If false, no data will be sent to InfluxDB.
    hostIP: <IP or host name>     # Where is InfluxDB server located?
    hostPort: 8086                # InfluxDB port
      enable: false               # Does InfluxDB require login?
      username: user_joe      
      password: joesecret
    dbName: butler                # Name of database in InfluxDB to which Butler's data is written
    instanceTag: DEV              # Tag that can be used to differentiate data from multiple Butler instances
    # Default retention policy that should be created in InfluxDB when Butler creates a new database there. 
    # Any data older than retention policy threshold will be purged from InfluxDB.
      name: 10d
      duration: 10d    
Last modified 2023-06-13: Update docs to Butler v9.0 (6ae1377)