Helper subs that make it easy to use Butler APIs

Butler exposes a REST API that can be called from many different systems and tools, just not Qlik Sense itself.

When it comes to Sense, it’s very doable but not entirely easy to call REST APIs from an app’s load script. Butler comes with a set of subs/functions that wrap the API calls and make it a lot easier and cleaner to call Butler APIs from load scripts.

This page describes those subs.

Currently available helper subs

These sub() are available in the the file butler_subs.qvs in the GitHub repo.

They are also part of the demo app Butler 5.2 demo app, which is also available in the GitHub repo.

Sub name Description
NiceTrace Prints timestamped messages in the reload log.
ButlerInit Initializes some data structures used by Butler. Right now there isn’t much done in this sub, but this may change in future versions.
GetEnabledButlerAPIEndpoints Gets a list of which Butler API endpoints are enabled.
ReloadSenseApp Does a full or partial app reload in the engine. No reload tasks are involved in the actual reload, but when the reload is done different reload tasks can be started depending on whether the reload was successful or not.
StartTask Start a reload task. Task ID is used to identify which task should be started. Useful for starting reload tasks when certain conditions are met during an app reload.
StartTask_KeyValue Same as above, but a key-value pair can also be included via the extra parameters. This KV pair is saved in Butler’s KV store (assuming it’s enabled). Any Sense app (or other system) can then query the KV store for these parameters. It’s thus an easy but effective way of passing arbitrary parameters to Sense tasks (or rather to the associated app’s load scripts).
CopyFile Copy a file or directory in a file system that’s accessible to Butler and also approved in the config file.
MoveFile Move a file or directory in a file system that’s accessible to Butler and also approved in the config file.
DeleteFile Delete a file in a file system that’s accessible to Butler and also approved in the config file.
CreateDir Create new directory anywhere Butler has access. Warning! If Butler is running with admin privileges there is no stopping a user from creating directories anywhere.
CreateDirQVD Create a directory somewhere under the QVD folder specified in the config file’s Butler.configDirectories.qvdPath. This is less of a security concern than the previous call, of course.
AddKeyValue Add a key-value pair to a namespace in the Key-Value (KV) store.
GetKeyValue Get KV pair in a namespace.
DeleteKeyValue Delete a KV pair in a namespace.
ExistsKeyValue Tests if a KV pair exists in a namespace.
DeleteKeyValueNamespace Delete a namespace and all KV pairs in it.
GetKeyValueNamespaces Get all namespaces.
GetKeyValueNamespaces Get all keys in a specifi namespace.
PostToMQTT Post a message to a MQTT topic.
PostToSlack Post a basic message to Slack.

Helper subs on the todo list

There should be helper subs for these API endpoints too, they’re just not there yet…

Sub name Description
AddSchedule Add a new task reload schedule to Butler’s scheduler.
GetSchedule Get information about an existing Butler task schedule.
UpdateSchedule Modify an existing Butler task schedule.
DeleteSchedule Delete a Butler task schedule.
StartSchedule Enable a Butler task schedule.
StopSchedule Disable/pause a Butler task schedule.
PostToTeams Make it easy to post basic messages to MS Teams.

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