Deep dive into the various components that make up Butler.

Key-value store

Overview of the key-value database concept and how it is imlpemented in Butler.


The how and why of the Butler scheduler.

Alert emails

Overview of the various kinds of alert emails Butler can send.

Alerts via Slack and Microsoft Teams

Sending alerts to IM services like Slack and Microsoft Teams can be a great way to quickly notify people about urgent issues.

File system access: copy/move/delete files

Manipulating files from Sense load scripts in a secure yet flexible way.

Session and other user activity events

Somewhat of a nieche use case, but still interesting:
By having Sense forward events to Butler when a user (for example) starts a session, Butler can then forward this event to other tools and systems that need to take action when users start or stop using Sense.

MQTT integration

Details about how Qlik Sense can use Butler to send pub-sub messages using MQTT.

UDP client

A basic, stand-alone UDP client is included in Butler.

Real-time metrics

Details about the real-time metrics (active user count etc) provided by Butler.

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