Signl4 describes themselves as

“Mobile Alerting and Incident Response. Automated Alerting. Anywhere Response”

It’s an easy to get started with, SaaS based solution for incident management.
It has good APIs and integrations as well as a generous free trial tier, which makes it great for Qlik Sense admins who wants to try a proper incident management tool.

Signl4 offers both an online SaaS service and a mobile app.

The concept looks like this:

  1. Alerts (for example an important Sense app fails reloading) are sent to Signl4 using their APIs.
    Using their API an incident is created.
    Butler integrates with these APIs, creating a seamless, almost instantaneous handling of incidents.
  2. The incident is assigned to whoever is on duty at that time. This person (or group of people in larger organisations) will be notified via their Signl4 mobile apps.
  3. The person on duty can acknowledge that an incident is being looked into and eventually also that the incident has been resolved.
  4. If no-one acknowledge the incidient within a configurable time the incident can be escalated.
  5. … and much more.

The Getting started section has hands-on instructions for setting up Butler to work with Signl4.

Example: Qlik Sense and Signl4 on Android

Below are screen shots from an Android phone in which the Signl4 mobile app is installed.

Signl4 message on Android lock screen.

Signl4 message on Android lock screen.

Overview of incidents.

List of incidents during past 24 hours.

Incident details.

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